Integrating Massage Therapy and Personal Training

Medical MassagRecovery Time Reduced

Advancements in technology have created a decrease in activity for many Americans causing an increase in lower back pain, knee injuries and chronic illness complaints. Because of this today’s massage therapist must have an extensive set of skills in order to address a wide variety of injuries, muscle strains and torn ligaments. Proper treatment can also help reduce recovery time from a sports injury and alleviate post exercise soreness.

As a licensed and certified medical massage therapist, Lisa Fargo often works in tandem with doctors, chiropractors and other caregivers to assess clients and construct treatment plans following an auto accident or to help manage chronic pain. Certified in orthopedic massage she offers educated assessments to determine functional flexibility, stability, strength, endurance.

“Our commitment to helping our clients regain full mobility and flexibility means we are always developing additional treatment options.” Lisa said, “It’s important to me to have the tools available for our clients to achieve 100% recovery “ To further assist our clients in achieving their wellness goals Body Sage Massage Therapies is adding personal training to our list of services. Through strength training and injury specific massage techniques we can help them prevent future injuries as well as reduce dysfunction and pain. We are now in a position to use massage and fitness in tandem for rehabilitation and pain-free living. Individualized exercise programs will increase core strength, flexibility, and posture, reduce temporary pain as a result of over-activity and relax tightened muscles.

Often as clients return to work and normal activity they experience increased pain resulting from muscle fatigue and overuse. A combination of massage therapy and manipulation integrated directly into exercise can now be supplemented with corrective stretching and strengthening techniques to be done at home. The personal trainer can teach and monitor the therapeutic exercise designed to restore normal body movement and function. Client self-care is important to any successful rehabilitation program and incorporating strengthening and increased range of motion techniques that can be performed at home creates a stronger, healthier more efficient program with less chance of relapse.

Incorporating this multi-disciplinary approach creates a stronger and more effective treatment plan resulting in the best possible outcome of clients achieving their health, fitness, and performance goals.

Personal Training In Tandem With Massage Therapy:

• Restores Mobility

• Increases Flexibility

• Improves Posture

• Strengthens The Core

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