Massage TherapyDeep Tissue Massage – is not Deep Pressure Massage. It is a slow, consistent, firm pressure focused on reaching the larger layers of muscle and tissue deep under the skin and surface muscles and tissues. This modality addresses chronic pain patterns and severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue. Softening adhesion’s, releasing trigger points, breaking up lactic acid, reducing swelling and muscular pain and stiffness are the primary goals of deep muscle therapy or deep tissue therapy. It employs a different set of techniques from other massage modalities generally focusing on a specific area of pain or injury.

Medical Massage – Medical massage is a system of patient care and treatment that is based on the medical model. Medical massage is an allied health care profession with similar therapy objectives to physical and occupational therapy. The medical massage therapist will treat specific connective tissue problems with techniques and protocols directed at achieving a measurable clinical response in the patient, and in achieving patient care objectives. Often your therapist will work closely with your physical therapist or doctor to determine a treatment plan. – more on medical massage

Orthopedic Massage –  Orthopedic massage is a specialized form of manual treatment that combines techniques from many therapeutic traditions. These techniques include the facial release of connective tissue, transverse friction and muscle energy techniques. The goal of orthopedic massage is to dissolve adhesion’s and normalize the position of the soft tissue and release its torsion, lengthen the connective tissue, hydrate the joints, and release the entrapment of peripheral nerves. Orthopedic massage is an extremely efficient and effective method of therapy. – more on orthopedic massage

Massage For People Living With Cancer/Survivors – Massage therapy or bodywork is one of the new choices many cancer patients and their doctors are integrating into an overall cancer care plan. Massage, as adapted for people living with cancer, can relieve fatigue, anxiety, nausea, neuropathy, and pain. It can provide relaxation, peace and stress relief, and a sense of wholeness after being “taken apart.” Massage and bodywork can offer non-medical, non-invasive touch to support your spirit and soul as well as your immune system. It can also give a sense of participation in the healing process, a positive body image, and a respite from isolation and the focus on the illness.

Pre-Natal Massage  –  is performed by a trained prenatal specialist who uses specific strokes and techniques addressing stress on the body caused by the pregnancy. Positioned in a Side Lying position, surrounded by pillows, the mom-to-be is comfortable and the sciatic nerve, swollen calves, and other pregnancy related issues are easy to manipulate. Relieving pressure off joints, lower back, easing indigestion, and soothing overall stiffness will offer a more comfortable rest.

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Side Lying Massage

Relaxation Massage – Includes continuous systematic strokes including kneading and stretching to lengthen muscles; relieve pain; and restore metabolic balance. The result is decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, and increased energy. Studies of Moderate-Pressure Massage Therapy have demonstrated a significant decrease in a client’s stress and heart rate levels following treatment. Utilizing techniques designed to quiet your mind and spirit your therapist will work with you to identify and release your stressors. Letting go of this tension promotes healing by removing waste products and bringing nutrients to your tissues. It is easy to understand how this technique creates serenity and peace within that last long after the massage is over.

Side Lying Massage –  Most often associated with Pre-Natal Massage, this terminology refers to the position of the body during treatment. Lying on your side in the fetal position, supported by pillows, is an effective alternative for anyone who cannot lie on their stomachs or backs for an extended period. In addition, if the face cradle is uncomfortable, the side Lying is an option that some may find comfort that is more conducive to overall. While Side lying massage may be easier for the client, it can be a bit awkward at first for the massage therapist. Be sure you have an experienced Side Lying technician, especially if you are pregnant or have a medical issue.

Sports Massage –  utilizes deep tissue massage strokes and active or passive manipulation of the joints and muscles with a specific goal in mind. The session is tailored to fit the individual needs of an athlete and their chosen sports activity. It can focus on muscles relevant to a specific event or on preventing injury anywhere in your body by keeping muscles mobile and elastic.  If you are training for an upcoming activity we will work with you to make sure you are achieve optimal performance come event day.  Massage helps oxygen and nutrients to flow thereby flushing out the toxins in muscles that have been pushed hard resulting in reduced recovery time.  If you are working through an injury, Sports Massage helps speed up recovery time after an injury preventing a buildup of scar tissue and tightening in nearby healthy tissue. 

Swedish Massage  –  The most well-known of the massage modalities, Swedish massage is known as Western or Classic style of massage. Often times it will start with long, flowing strokes releasing pent-up tension and stimulating the nervous system, and increasing circulation. Swedish massage uses five basic strokes and steady manipulation of the muscles and connective tissues of the body. It is designed to interrupt the cycle of stress and internalized muscle tension. The goal of a Swedish massage is relaxation, rehabilitation and a sense of well-being and inner peace the heightened awareness of the mind-body connection is a bonus.

Thai Massage – Taught and practiced in Thailand for approximately twenty-five hundred years, Thai Massage is an energy-based form of bodywork designed to unblock trapped energy and improve vitality. Thai massage uses slow, often meditative, rhythmic pressing by fingers, hands, elbows, and feet. Deep yoga-like stretching and pinpointed energy channel activation are part of this ‘passive yoga’. The massage table does not hinder stretching as Thai massage is practiced on a padded floor mat. The result is excellent modality to relax and realign the musculoskeletal system thus increasing the speed of recovery from injuries or a difficult day of training and inducing a calm mental state.

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