About Us

Who We Are:

     The goal is to help you achieve a profound state of relaxation. Enter our haven and let go of your stress and unreleased tension. Leave feeling “refreshed” and physically balanced. Each Therapeutic massage is a one of a kind experience. All of the therapists at Body Sage are committed to providing you the best possible care.

What We Do:

    We provide holistic Medicine treatments including Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Medical Massage Treatments. Massage treatments include Orthopedic Massage, Medical Massage Treatments, Chronic Pain Relief Modalities and Prenatal or Side-Lying Massage. Your therapist will work together with your Doctor, Chiropractor or Physical Therapist as a team. We are often pulled into a treatment plan for auto accidents and other injury-related trauma. Research has found that recovery time is reduced and pain is better managed when is massage therapy is included in the process.

Why Work With Us:

      Body Sage Massage Therapies is a very warm and welcoming place offering a variety of therapies and holistic services. Because we take a holistic approach our treatment recognizes the importance of relaxation in achieving optimal treatment results. Entering the facility is like stepping into a quiet sanctuary. You’re invited into our tranquil environment designed according to the principles of Feng Shui. As certified medical and orthopedic massage therapists we are experienced and licensed to access your condition and recommend the massage techniques that are right for you. 

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Lisa Fargo
Lisa Fargo, LMT, COMT, CMMT, CPT

Lisa Fargo had a clear vision for Body Sage Massage founding it soon after graduation from the Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon. The result is a facility where overall health is addressed along with the goal of treating the root of your discomfort.   

Massage helps a person to reconnect the body with the heart, mind, and soul. The human touch has proven to have many healing qualities including those related to physical, mental and emotional discomfort.Beyond the long touted physical benefits, massage helps with nausea, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and fatigue among other things.

Her personal  practice is focused on helping those suffering from  auto and work related injuries, chronic disease and massage for people living with cancer. Depending on your needs, treatment may begin with a therapeutic assessment, followed by manual muscular manipulation and movement of the soft tissues to help end pain and dysfunction.  She incorporates techniques from many of the different modalities including Orthopedic Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Therapy, Relaxation and more.

Lisa is certified in several modalities including: 

  • LMT: Licensed Massage Therapist
  • COMT: Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist
  • CMMT: Certified Medical Massage Therapist
  • CPT: Personal Training Certification

(503) 644-1418

Dr. Doctrine
Dr. Corina Doctrine, ND Naturopath

Doctor Doctrine pursued her medical training at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Doctrine’s passion derives from growing up with her great-grandmother, a traditional flock medicine practitioner who offered treatments to those that could not afford to see a Doctor or go to the hospital.

Dr. Doctrine prides herself on treating each patient as the complex individual they are and tailor’s treatment to each of their needs, while considering the innate healing ability of the body.

She currently resides in Beaverton with her husband and three boys. They enjoy spending time with family and in the great pacific northwest outdoors.

Dr. Reyna Rodriguez, LAc, DSOM Acupuncture

Reyna realized her true calling in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and began her journey.….

She studied and graduated from the Classical Chinese Medicine program at the National University of Natural Medicine with a Doctor of Science degree in Oriental Medicine.  She utilizes her extensive knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to assist in recovery and pain management.

In her third year of the Classical Chinese Medicine Program, she became a duel degree student, adding a four-year Master of Science in Integrative Mental Health. She truly believes in helping others with compassion and joy that comes from treating the mind and body as a whole. Reyna’s vision is bridging integrative mental health and classical Chinese medicine.  With this approach, Reyna hopes to reduce the stigma of Mental Illness.

Reyna also holds a Bachelor of Science in Vascular Technology.  This process is imaging vascular diseases throughout the whole body, including additional work specializing in men’s care, women’s breast care and OB/GYN imaging, holding licensing as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Reyna is fluent in Spanish and has experience in working with Spanish speaking patients.  She is interested in health education for ethnic minorities, immigrants and other marginalized communities.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two boys, working out, weight training, learning different types of dances.  The most recent being salsa and bachata.  She loves solo traveling out of the country and is committed to personal growth.

Justin Photo
Justin Canfield, LMT

As a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage, the primary focus of my training has been in Thai Massage with an emphasis in pathologies such as Muscle Strains and Sprains, Scar Tissue Release, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Justin is also a talented Side-Lying massage therapist and incorporates this modality into his treatment to achieve a greater release in the shoulder and neck region. This particular style is popular during pregnancy, after surgery, as well as anyone suffering from allergies.

Justin also specializes in deep tissue massage. His broad-focus of training has given him an excellent understanding of the vastly different techniques available to assist in the recovery and repair of the bodies muscle, tissue, and nerves. Proven to increase endorphin’s, the body’s natural pain killers Justin builds on this sense of well-being to further release pent-up stress, anxiety, and pain.

His personal philosophy is to be a facilitator of healing for those he comes in contact with, by offering a personalized, superior massage as a supplement to, or alternative to the other treatments his clients are using. Justin believes that as a massage therapist, “We don’t heal people, we help people’s bodies remember how to heal themselves.”

Ginette | Billing Specialist
Ginette Zuras-Hummel Billing Specialist

For billing inquiries please contact Ginette Zuras-Hummel at:  (503) 582-8188