Last Minute Club

The Last Minute Massage Club

Ever have those days when getting out of bed is a struggle? Maybe it’s the cold or maybe you over did it again at the gym. Body Sage Massage has a plan to help you through those days. We would like to share last minute cancellations or open slots in our schedule with you.

This year we began sending out an email offering Same Day Appointments!

Join our Club by emailing:

Last Minute Club massages will be offered on a first booked, first choice basis with treatment provided by the therapist available at that time. Discounted appointments will be available at a discounted rate by booking online with that day’s valid Coupon Code.

An email will go out by 6pm the day before with notice of appointment availability for the following day. Please note there is no guarantee they will be available every day. If there are any available we will share with Club Members and post on our Facebook page.

The Small Print:
Appointments must be booked online and paid for at the time they are booked. There will be no refund for appointments once they have been paid for. A 10% gratuity will be included in the cost with 100% of that going to the therapist. No other coupons or discounts may be used for Last Minute Club appointments.

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